Chess League

Roll of Honor:  Roll of honor:

1st Division from 1977

1977-Mohammadan S.C.

1980-Bangladesh Biman

1981-Mohammdan S.C.

1992-Brothers Union Club

1983-Bangladesh Biman

1984-Bangladesh Ansar

1985-Bengal Group

1986-Brothers Union

1987-Brothers Union

1988-Brothers Union

1989-Brothers Union

1990-Bangladesh Biman

1991-Bangladesh Biman

1992-Bangladesh Biman

1993-Brothers Union

1994-Brothers Union

1995-Mohammdan S.C.

1996-Mohammadan S.C.

1997-Leonine Chess Club

1998-Bangladesh Biman

1999-Bangladesh Biman

2000-Titas Club

2001-Bangladesh Biman

2002-Bangladesh Biman

2003-Bangladesh Biman

2004-Leonine Chess Club

2005-Leonine Chess Club

2006-Bangladesh Biman

2007-Bangladesh Biman

2008-Destiny 2000 Limited

2009-Bangladesh Biman

2010-Bangladesh Biman.


Premier Division started from 2011

2011-Champion-Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club, Runners-Up-Bangladesh Biman

2012- Champion-Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club, Runners-Up- Duronto Rajshahi

2013- Champion-Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club, Runners-Up-Bangladesh Navy

2014- Champion-Bangladesh Navy, Runners-Up- Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club

2015-Champion-Sheikh Russell Memorial Chess Club, Runners-Up-Bangladesh Navy

2016-Champion-SAIF Sporting Club, Runners-Up- Sheikh Russell Memorial Chess Club

2017-Champion-Bengal Chess Club, Runners-Up- SAIF Sporting Club

2018-Champion- SAIF Sporting Club, Runners-Up-Bangladesh Navy

2019-Champion-Bangladesh Police, Runners-Up- SAIF Sporting Club

2020- Champion-Bangladesh Police, Runners-Up- Shahin Chess Club.


1st Division from 2011

2011-Farashganj Sporting Club

2012- Leonine Chess Club

2013-Fire Service & Civil Defense Sports Club

2014-Sonali Bank Sports & Recreation Club

2015- Fire Service & Civil Defense Sports Club

2016-Access Chess Club,

2017-Esoft Arena Chess Club.

2018- Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society

2019- Champion-Leonine Chess Club, Runner-Up-Shahin Chess Club

2020-Champon-Rupali Bank Krira Parisad, Runners-Up- Manha’s Castle

2nd Division Chess League-2020

Champion- Shahanoor Khan Smirity Sangsad, Runner-Up- Sports Bangla

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