Current Tournament

OMICON 43rd National ‘A’ Chess Championship-2017

21st November to 5th December, 2017


Tournament Rules


The championship shall be played in a single round robin league system and will be governed by by FIDE – the official laws of chess (which was adopted at the 87th FIDE Congress at Baku, Azerbaijan and 2017 FIDE Presidential Board in Athens, force on 1 July 2017.


Time Control


The Session is start from 3:00 PM. The time control is:  90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes with 30 seconds cumulative increment for each move starting from the first move


Default Time


The default time is 30 minutes from the starting of the round.




If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied for any place, prize money will be shared among them but their final position will be decided by play-off match. After a new drawing of lots, two tiebreak Rapid games shall be played. The Rapid games shall be played using the DGT clock starting with 25 minutes and the additional 10 seconds after each move. If scores are level after two the Rapid games, after a new drawing of colors, a match of 2 games shall be played with a time control of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment after each move. If the score is still level after 2 blitz games, the players shall play a one sudden death game. The player who wins the drawing of lots may choose the color. The player with the white pieces shall receive 5 minutes, the player with the black pieces shall receive 4 minutes whereupon, after the 60th move, both players shall receive an increment of 3 seconds starting from move 61. In case of a draw the player with the black pieces is declared the winner.



  1. Md. Haroon Or Rashid IA –           Chief Arbiter
  2. Shajahan Kabir                         –           Deputy Chief Arbiter
  3. Anisuzzaman Jewel                         –           Arbiter



  1. Protest, if any, must be submitted in written to the appeal committee within two hours of completion of the playing session in question.


  1. The Appeal Committee shall decide before noon of the followed day and its decision is final.


Appeal Committee                                                      

  1. Mr. Syed Shahab Uddin Shamim – Chairman
  2. GM Ziaur Rahman – Member
  3. GM Enamul Hossain – Member


  1. FM Sk. Nasir Ahmed
  2. IM Abu Sufian Shakil


Tournament Committee


  1. Mr. K M Shahidullah –  Chairman
  2. Mr. Mir Ahmed Hossain –  Co-Chairman
  3. Mr. Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan – Co-Chairman
  4. Mr. Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan – Member, Secretary
  5. Mr. Rafiqul Islam – Member
  6. Mr. Alauddin Saju – Member
  7. Mr. Nazam Naqvi – Member
  8. Mr Mozahidur Rahman Helo – Member
  9. Comandar M Shahid Hossain – Member


Prize Money


1st        Prize   :           60,000.00        Taka

2nd       Prize   :           40,000.00        Taka

3rd        Prize   :           25,000.00        Taka

4th        Prize   :           15,000.00        Taka

5th        Prize   :           15,000.00        Taka

6th        Prize   :           15,000.00       Taka

7th        Prize   :           15,000.00        Taka

8th        Prize   :           15,000.00        Taka

                        Total  2,00,000.00        Taka


List of participants


SNo.   Name IRtg FED Birth Fide-No.
1 FM Islam Kh. Aminul 2222 BAN 1977/00/00 10200975
2 FM Mehdi Hasan Parag 2227 BAN 1985/00/00 10201203
3 WIM Shamima Akter 2172 BAN 1989/00/00 10202587
4 FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman 2218 BAN 2003/00/00 10207791
5 GM Hossain Enamul 2449 BAN 1981/00/00 10200649
6 GM Rahman Ziaur 2485 BAN 1974/00/00 10200037
7   S M Sharon 2177 BAN 1990/00/00 10209808
8 IM Abu Sufian Shakil 2322 BAN 1980/00/00 10200916
9 FM Rahman Syed Mahfuzur 2114 BAN 1979/00/00 10200738
10 GM Mollah Abdullah Al Rakib 2455 BAN 1980/00/00 10200444
11   Md. Sharif Hossain 2224 BAN 1991/00/00 10206205
12 CM Ghosh Chanchal Kumer 2140 BAN 1977/00/00 10201858
13 IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin 2398 BAN 1989/00/00 10201955
14 FM Ahmed Sk. Nasir 2253 BAN 1975/00/00 10200525












 Round Date Day Starting Time
1st Round 21-11-2017 Tuesday 4:00 PM
2nd Round 22-11-2017 Wednesday 3:00 PM
3rd Round 23-11-2017 Thursday 3:00 PM
4th Round 24-11-2017 Friday 3:00 PM
5th Round 25-11-2017 Saturday 3:0 PM
6th Round 26-11-2017 Sunday 3:30 PM
  27-11-2017 Monday Rest Day
7th Round 28-11-2017 Tuesday 3:00 PM
8th Round 29-11-2017 Wednesday 3:00 PM
9th Round 30-11-2017 Thursday 3:00 PM
10th Round 01-12-2017 Friday 3:00 PM
11th Round 02-12-2017 Saturday 3:00 PM
12th Round 03-12-2017 Sunday 3:30 PM
13th Round 04-12-2017 Monday 3:30 PM
  05-12-2017 Wednesday Play-off & Prize Distribution


Some important Rules


(a) The players having the move is not allowed to leave the playing area without permission of the Arbiter.

During play the players are forbidden to make use of any notes, sources of information or advice, or analysis on another chessboard.

(b)  During play, a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone and/or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue. If it is evident that a player brought such a device into the playing venue, he shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. The rules of a competition may specify a different, less severe, penalty. The arbiter may require the player to allow his clothes, bags or other items to be inspected, in private. The arbiter or a person authorised by the arbiter shall inspect the player and shall be of the same gender as the player. If a player refuses to cooperate with these obligations, the arbiter shall take measures in accordance with FIDE LAws of Chess Article 12.9.

(c) Players who have finished their games shall be considered to be spectators.

(d) It is forbidden to distract or annoy the opponent in any manner whatsoever. This includes unreasonable claims, unreasonable offers of a draw or the introduction of a source of noise into the playing area.

(e) Smoking is permitted only in the section of the venue designated by the Arbiter.

(Syed Shahabuddin Shamim)

General Secretary

Bangladesh Chess Federation                     


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